Marketing a Landscaping or Gardening Business Online

Landscaping and gardening businesses can use online marketing to generate a steady stream of new enquiries and customers. Knowing where to start and what to do can be a challenge but here’s what you need to know to get started with promoting your landscaping and gardening services online.

What is online marketing?

Your online marketing efforts are all for nothing if your website is not truly professional, if it does not appear in the search engine results or if nobody can find it online. You need to invest considerable time into designing your online presence properly. This means using any online marketing techniques that relate to your online presence, including SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click) or online advertising.

Your website is everything

A professional website is essential for marketing a landscaping or gardening business. Your online marketing efforts cannot succeed without a good online presence. Digital marketing is constantly changing. With new techniques popping up every day, it’s not always easy to keep on top of all the changes and know which approach will generate the best results. However, no matter how much online marketing changes, a professional website remains a vital part of online marketing for most online businesses.

Social-media marketing

Social media has become the most popular online marketing technique in recent years, and it’s a fantastic choice for promoting a landscaping or gardening business online. However, social media isn’t suitable for all kinds of online promotion, especially if you’re trying to reach older age groups.

For landscaping and gardening businesses online, the best social media platforms to use include Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These are likely to be joined by Pinterest in the future, so it might be worth creating a business account there before they get popular.

Email marketing

The term ’email marketing’ can be a little confusing, as we all know we need to email our customers in order to communicate with them online. However, online marketing uses this phrase specifically when you contact people who don’t already know about your product or service online: essentially, online advertising is done through emails.

Making the most of online marketing through email requires knowing who your customers are online, and what they want. You can then insert yourself into their online research to contact them, using emails that focus on the appropriate online marketing keywords (related to landscaping and gardening services). To maximise online returns, you should always try to personalise these emails as much as possible.

Search engine marketing

In online marketing, search engine marketing refers to using online advertising techniques to make it more likely that your business will appear when a potential customer uses a search engine online (for example Google) to look for the products or services you offer online. There are two main approaches here: SEO and PPC.

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and involves using online marketing techniques to make sure that your online presence will show up in online searches. This is a long-term approach that requires patience, but it pays dividends if you take the time to get it right: online customers won’t just remember your web address, they’ll also remember the online marketing keywords you use to describe your business.

Local SEO

Local SEO is an especially critical component of online marketing for landscaping and gardening businesses that want to prioritise visibility in their local area.

There are no online marketing techniques more powerful than online reviews when it comes to improving your online presence, particularly within the search engines. After spending time developing a professional website for marketing purposes, you need to ask customers to leave online reviews about services online.

Recommendations from online reviews are one of the online marketing techniques that can help landscaping and gardening businesses to compete against big companies online, and improve their online presence. It’s also free: you just need to ask online customers if they’re willing to leave a review on their favourite website (and incentivise them with an offer if necessary).

Content marketing

This online marketing technique involves creating written content that will either be consumed by your customers online (for example a blog) or by search engines online (which is just another way for them to connect with your customers, as they can index any pages that are online and show them in online search results). While online marketing keywords might not be at the forefront of your content, they should still form part of it: online customers will seek out online content containing online marketing keywords related to landscaping and gardening services.

Video marketing

Video is another online marketing technique that can be used to promote a landscaping or gardening company online, and it works by using online videos to share information online. The online marketing keywords, in this case, should be clear: we’re discussing video content online which can answer any online questions potential customers might have about landscaping and gardening services.

Start your journey today

If you don’t have any previous experience with online marketing, you may need to consider hiring an online marketing company that can advise you on how to allocate your available budget. A specialist landscaping and gardening marketing business that understands your business or profession will be particularly effective.

Online marketing can seem like a daunting world at first. Your first priority should be building the best possible website for your business. Once that’s in place, you can focus on generating traffic with marketing.

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